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Welcome to the home of The Grumble Project.
We are a nonprofit dedicated to improving lives.
We don’t mess around.
We are llamas of action!


Wuzzlebutt is a purple llama and a character central to PUDDIN’ AND THE GRUMBLE by Becky Boesen and David von Kampen. He is a symbol of generosity and is the critter behind Wuzzlwubbies, which are blankets we collect and buy for under-resourced children in our community. We are currently taking new or homemade blankets, twin-sized or larger, to be distributed in our local schools. The Grumble Project is the nonprofit offshoot of BLIXT, and allows us to do some of our best work, always build around the arts! Click here to learn how to supply a Wuzzlewubbie to a kid who needs it. We never charge an administration fee and we get blankets where they belong - straight into the arms of students!


THE GRUMBLE PROJECT is home for project building around the following shows:


SNOWCATCHER by Becky Boesen

In the winter of 1888 a ferocious blizzard rips through the prairie without warning, leaving thousands of children struggling to find their way safely home from school. Six year-old Hattie is stranded in the blizzard, somewhere between "a dream and here with me now." She is driven by a haunting vision: Her secret friend is trapped in the storm.  Hattie knows what happens to children in a blizzard. One touch from the SNOWCATCHER will turn them into ice! Will she be able to save her friend without meeting the SNOWCATCHER?

SNOWCATCHER is a tribute to the unbreakable spirit of the American Homesteader, and to all those who came before them.  This performance deals with challenging themes, including bereavement, and is appropriate for family audiences aged 8 and up.

SNOWCATCHER was co-commissioned by the Lincoln Arts Council and the Historic Midwest Theater and is a collaboration with Mourning Hope Grief Center.

PUDDIN’ AND THE GRUMBLE by Becky Boesen And David von Kampen

Puddin’ has a secret and if she doesn’t do something fast, it may just eat her alive! To make matters worse, her mom is sending her away, she has to start a new school, and soon she’ll be stuck living with her crazy, ex-lounge singing, yoga-loving grandma. Can things get any worse? Or maybe…just maybe, they’re about to get better. 

Commissioned & Produced by Lied Center for Performing Arts at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with the generous support of the Food Bank of Lincoln.